Tomato Slices Topped with Sweet Onion and Carrot

Cooking Instructions

1. Place tomato slices on four serving plates.


2. In a small mixing bowl, combine carrot, onion, cilantro, and salt. Spoon 1/2–1 Tbsp. of the mixture over tomato slices (depending on the size of the slices).  Sprinkle crisped rice over all the slices.  Spoon tamarind honey sauce generously over slices. Add a drop or more of the red chili sauce on each slice. Serve immediately.

This delicious appetizer is always a crowd pleaser. Use tomato on the vine or plum tomatoes. The sweet flavors of onion and carrot are combined with the crunchy taste of crisped rice and topped with a tangy-sweet tamarind sauce.

Prep Time:  30 minutes Serves:  4


* You can also substitute cucumber for tomato; use 4 Kirby cucumbers, sliced lengthwise.